Friday, October 28, 2011

[Pics] Grandparents' 55th wedding anniversary

Last Sunday, which was the 23rd of October, went back with my family to grandparents' house for their 55th wedding anniversary celebration! Congratulations! Wish that they stay sweet together and live a long, healthy life! Here I'll be uploading pictures captured that day, but this is only part of it. Hopefully other pictures will be coming to my way soon!

 The main photog of the day.

 Lovely cousin.

 I'm so lucky to have such giving grandma. =]

 Unlimited love for you!

 Coussie's gf.

 Very naughty coussie. XD

 Gorgeous aunt!

 Gorgeous aunt and gorgeous cousin.

Look at the cake. Goshhh. Credits to aunt marie!

 And have I mentioned this is hand made? =D

 They look so cute together!

 My manly looking uncle.

 Coussie and mom.

 Hahah.. this belongs to a boobie godess!

 Lovely siblings.

She's expecting!

 My siblings.

 Love you guys forever. =]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World's largest floating book fair

For the past few weeks, there's this Logo's Hope (if you haven't heard bout them, they're actually a floating book fair organiser), and they visited my place! They feature fully air-conditioned deck that is open to public to explore. The book fair brings an expanded selection of over 5000 titles of books that covers range of subjects including science, sports, cookery, children titles and much more. Visitors can also interact with almost 400 crew members from over 45 nationalities; and they've welcomed more than 1.5 million visitors up til now. And so, I went with my brothers. :D

 World's largest floating book fair! 

 My elder brother with his gf. Well I guess this is the first time ever that he appeared in my blog? Hmmm..

 We actually had to queue for like, almost an hour to get in. Pheww.

 Finally! After an hour under the hot sun and crowd.

 Interesting story cards on the wall.

And there, my precious two siblings. =]

Unfortunately I didn't get to spend much time there. *and if you DO realize I didn't get to capture pictures of books lol* Anyway it was a nice experience considering it was my first time on a floating book fair; and the books are actually priced quite low! *thumbs up*

Taken during my journey back to grandparents' house for their 55th wedding anniversary! Congrats! Love you both forever ♥

Teaser for the upcoming blog post: 

Stay tuned! =p

Friday, October 14, 2011

[Pics] One third of the month, October.

Yo wassup! There, I got lazy to blog againnnn. Well I've been a lil' busy for the past few days so.. well actually it's just an excuse 'cos I've got no inspiration to write at all. Haha. Anyway, I'll be updating pictures this time around as a quick summary for what I did and where I went in this one third of the month, as well as the mid of september. There it goes~

Mid September: Went to a place called Pulau Ketam (directly translated to english: Crab Island) with a lovely aunt that came to visit all the way from Taiwan. She was one of the aunts that practically watched me grew up. Stay healthy! Miss her! xoxo

 You would need to board on the designated boat in order to get there. And since it takes bout 45 minutes to reach; it's camwhore time!

Uhh. This is my derpy looking younger brother. Well I always think; If his lips are a lil' bit protruded then he'll look exactly like Korea's National MC Yoo Jaesuk ᄏᄏᄏ

 Parents, with the lovely aunt (in black). They're such good friends that it's so nice to see! =)

 And oh. The fee for riding the boat. 7 bucks per person. Darn expensive, if you ask me. Not that the boat's condition is very well maintained. =\

 So we finally reached!

 Walked around and saw this. Bitter gourd I suppose?

 And the infamous birds nest drink.

And that's the wrap! 

Well we actually had crab meals there but were unable to capture it as in.. everyone's busy eating lol. Crab Island but no crabs? Wtf?! *Deep apology* ᅲᅲ

Then the other day headed to Levain for makan makan. (practically means eat eat)

 I mad love this strawberry shortcake. Favourite!

 Whatever.. salad.. I don't remember its name.

 I realized I love posing with forks. =\

 That un-bothered face to even look at the camera.

 Satisfied face. Me a happy kid. =D

Random: Walking session at Pavilion.

Random: Random things done during the month of october.

 I always have red painted on my toe nails FYI.

 My loved one on my phone. What can be better than waking up, seeing this lovely smile? *winks*

 Went out for one whole day of shopping at the wholesalers' place.

 Yeahhh and then I got bored that I start editing pictures. =p

 Birthday pressie for mom and early x'mas pressie for myself. Hope she liked it >.<

Random-er than random: Current display picture.

 Random photo taken with coco baby during photoshoot for Julyvia's Closet october new stocks.